Bank and Liquidity Reporting

Clear visibility over bank accounts is the starting point for effective liquidity planning. Combine all of your banking data with your cash forecasts to gain the full spectrum of actual and forecast cash visibility.

Full visibility

Most large companies have numerous banking partners and many bank accounts.

As a result, achieving the required level of visibility over individual bank balances and consolidated cash positions can be a difficult task.

Real-time reporting

CashAnalytics enables you see all of your bank account balances and transactions in one place.

Reduce reliance on banking portals and gain real-time visibility over cash balances and flows.

View all bank account information in one place

Automate the collection and consolidation of bank cash flows and balances.

CashAnalytics interfaces with all sources of bank account data so you can automatically import electronic bank statements (MT940, BAI2 etc.).

Reduce reliance on online banking portals

CashAnalytics enables you to automatically import electronic bank statements (MT940, BAI2 etc.).

Monitor liquidity in real-time

View consolidated cash positions and drill-down to transactions with real-time reporting.

Map transactions

Plug-in to SAP and Oracle to capture ledger cash positions automatically and map transactions to reporting and forecasting models.

Customised dashboards

Create customised reports and dashboard that present the key performance indicators that matter most to you.