13 Week Cash Flow Forecasting

A 13 Week Cash Flow Forecast provides the perfect balance between short-term cash and working capital management and mid-term liquidity planning.

13 Week Cash Forecasting

Quickly and easily set-up a 13 week cash flow forecasting model in CashAnalytics that provides clear visibility over short and mid term cash flow.

Automate manual forecasting tasks and the collection of all actual and forecast data to significantly reduce the effort involved in managing a 13 week cash flow forecast.

The 13 week forecast will become an indispensable part of your liquidity management activities ranging from short term working capital management through to covenant reporting.

Key Features

Highly Customizable

Create a 13 week forecast model that suits your requirements with the exact level of detail you need.

Easy to Use

Forecast models in CashAnalytics are intuitive, easy to use and highly interactive.

Working Capital Visibility

Gain clear and detailed visibility over short term AP and AR through a single reporting model.

Covenant Forecasting

A 13 week forecast provides clear visibility over next quarter end cash, debt and covenant levels.

CashAnalytics is of great importance to our company. The 13 week forecast allows us to quickly identify cash needs across the group. It’s an effective yet simple solution that’s easy to use, with high quality support from the CashAnalytics team.

Paul Brighton Head of Treasury

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