Automated Forecasts: Take a quick tour to see how your team can create more reliable forecasts in less time. Automated Forecasts: Take a quick tour to see how your team can create more reliable forecasts in less time. Learn more

Reduce Cash Forecasting Effort by over 90%

A Feature Rich Cash Forecasting and Liquidity Planning Solution

CashAnalytics will save you and your team huge amounts of time and give you crystal clear visibility over current and future cash flow.

Cash Forecast Automation

CashAnalytics transforms the process of forecasting cash by cutting manual workload and reporting timelines by over 90%.

It does this by connecting directly to data sources and streamlining the capture of data from people throughout an organization.

  • Automatically populate forecast with ERP and bank data
  • Quickly translate budgets to cash forecasts
  • Capture data directly from business unit users through centrally controlled forecast models
  • Automatically track intercompany cash movements

Reporting & Analysis

With all of your cash flow data in one place, CashAnalytics provides the reporting and analysis you need at the touch of a button.

A range of standard, custom and visual reporting tools will cover both your immediate and future reporting requirements.

  • Quickly consolidate large multi-currency data sets
  • Drill down to transaction level data through all reports
  • Highly customizable to meet specific requirements
  • Intuitive and easy to use with all data exportable to excel
Cash Flow Dashboard

Working Capital Analysis & Forecasting

CashAnalytics will give you a detailed view of upcoming payable and receivable information allowing working capital to be optimized into the future.

Also, using AI and ML customer payment behavior can be learned and future behavior accurately forecasted.

  • Capture AP and AR data from ERP
  • Automated learning of customer payment behavior
  • Rapid short term forecast creation (30 - 90 day)
  • Detailed analysis of upcoming working capital movements
Working Capital Analysis

Bank & Liquidity Reporting

Connect CashAnalytics to banks to gain centralized view of total cash and liquidity balances across the business.

  • Capture daily transaction and balance data from banks
  • View total bank data through reports and dashboards
  • Automatically categorize bank transaction data
  • Link transaction data directly to forecast models
  • Automates collection and categorization of cash flow data
Bank Connectivity and Reporting

Variance & Accuracy Analysis

CashAnalytics will allow you quickly analyze and understand the accuracy of your forecast all the way down to a business unit level of data.

  • Carry out detailed forecast versus actual analysis
  • Understand accuracy trends with performance analysis
  • Quickly identify accuracy problems and issues
  • Drive accountability and continuous improvement
Variance & Accuracy Analysis

System Connectivity

CashAnalytics connects to all cash flow data sources to automate large parts of the cash forecasting, reporting and analysis process.

  • API enabled data connectivity
  • Connect to all major ERPs
  • Connect to all major banks
  • Other connectivity options include SFTP and host-to-host
ERP & System Connectivity