Account Receivable & Payable Analytics

Account Receivable & Payable Analytics

Do you spend lots of time analyzing AP and AR data trying to figure out when you'll get paid and how to manage payables?

Without this understanding it's impossible to manage cash flow efficiently and effectively The CashAnalytics SmartLedger gives you deep insight in historic and current AP and AR so you can plan your cash flow with confidence.

Make cash management decisions with confidence using the latest data

Automatic short to medium term forecasting

The CashAnalytics SmartLedger automatically creates short to medium term forecasting using current AP and AR data in combination with machine learning.

Learn about your customer's payment behavior

The SmartLedger learns your customer's payment behavior. Giving you a deep insights into the key driver of cash flow in your business, customer collections.

Detailed historic cash flow trend analysis

The SmartLedger also gives you a deep understanding of historic AP and AR trends right down to a days to pay, DSO/ DPO and a customer/ supplier level of detail.

Short term forecasting automation

  • Short term forecasts are created with the learnings from historic customers payment behavior combined current outstanding invoices.
  • This process gets smarter on an ongoing basis as more data is consumed and more forecasts created, continuously improving accuracy and reliability.

Improved payment behaviour predictions

  • CashAnalytics provides deep insight into the payment behavior of your customers as well the internal payment behavior of your organization.
  • These insights are delivered to customer and supplier payment profile dashboards which will show you DSO, DPO and historic payment patterns.

Connect directly to your ERP

AP and AR data is captured directly from your ERP system. Using this AP and AR data CashAnalytics create forecasts while providing insights into the payment behavior of customers and other working capital metrics such as DSO and DPO.

ERP connectivity

How BearingPoint accurately forecast payment collections

“The system can learn how your clients are paying and look at historic[al] patterns. You can understand how our customers pay, something that adds value not only from a forecasting perspective but broader cash management and working capital processes.” Eveline Stam, Group Treasurer

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Grow faster with clear cash visibility

Get rid of your spreadsheets and manage your cash flow easily in one place.