Working Capital Analysis

Detailed working capital analysis and clear visibility over short term payables and receivables are essential components of an effective cash management strategy.

Understand Key Cash Flow Drivers

CashAnalytics provides clear and detailed visibility over short term payables and receivables and all other drivers of cash flow through central forecast models and reports.

With access to all cash flow and ledger data in one place, future cash and working capital requirements can be planned with relative ease.

This means that working capital can be optimized to the greatest extent possible and cash flow will always be put to the best possible use.

Key Features

Detailed AR & AP Analysis

Easily analyze AR and AP data captured directly from ERP systems at both a consolidated and transaction level of detail.

Customer Payment Behavior

CashAnalytics learns from customer payment behavior giving you clear insight into the expected timing of future cash flow.

Cash Flow Optimization

With clear visibility over payables and receivables, cash flow can be quickly optimized to meet the needs of the business.

End-to-end Automation

CashAnalytics automates all of the tasks typically associated with short term cash flow analysis and forecasting.

When I log into CashAnalytics in the morning it gives me a sense of what was paid the previous day, and gives a good impression of how receivables, payables, and overall cash will develop in the coming days.

Richard Neumann Head of Corporate Finance

Grow faster with clear cash visibility

Get rid of your spreadsheets and manage your cash flow easily in one place.