How JOST supports daily cash reporting and cash flow forecasting with CashAnalytics

CashAnalytics is one of the central and most important applications we use in Treasury


Head of Corporate Finance, JOST Werke

JOST is a world-leading producer and supplier of safety-critical systems for the commercial vehicle industry. JOST currently employs over 3,600 staff worldwide and has sales and production sites in over 20 countries and on all five continents. JOST has been listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and generated €1.26bn of revenue in 2022.

What jobs does CashAnalytics do for JOST?

CashAnalytics supports two key processes in JOST, daily cash reporting and weekly liquidity forecasting.

1. Daily Cash Reporting & Actualisation

Statements for over 150 bank accounts from all banks flow directly into CashAnalytics every morning. This gives Richard and his team a quick overview of balances, currencies and excess liquidity at the start of the day. “This is the starting point for the first activities of the day or discussion for the upcoming days” said Richard.

CashAnalytics also automatically maps actual transactions to reporting categories which in turns flows directly into their liquidity plan. This provides a categorised view of cash flow alongside cash balances, to the JOST treasury team, every day.

2. Weekly Cash and liquidity forecasting

JOST also operates a 12 month rolling cash flow forecast in CashAnalytics. Describing the process, Richard said, “Every week, controllers in each of our 30 business units update their forecast, weekly for the next three months and monthly for the following nine months, in over 20 currencies, directly in CashAnalytics”.

Alongside streamlining the capture of cash forecasts from business units, the system tracks intercompany movements units and consolidates of all of the cash flow data into a single liquidity forecast. The head office treasury team experience no manual effort in the management of its forecast, every week.


Key Features of CashAnalytics used by JOST

Daily bank reporting connectivity

Automated actual cash flow classification

Multi-business-unit cash flow forecasting

Variance reports

Intercompany tracking

Consolidation reports

What business activities does CashAnalytics support in JOST?

CashAanlytics supports several high value activities in JOST. Commenting on these activities Richard said, “CashAnalytics is part of our regular management reporting and to start with provides s a day-by-day answer to the question: ‘how much money do we have and where is it?’.

Our management of debt, cash concentration and funding requirements is supported by CashAnalytics

“The next question that needs to be answered is ‘how much cash will we have in 1, 2, 3 weeks or months?’ and is therefore important for our scheduled repayments of our financial liabilities.” says Richard when asked about how they use the cash flow forecast in CashAnalytics. “So our management of debt, cash concentration und funding requirements is supported by CashAnalytics.”

1. Daily bank and cash reporting

Reporting on consolidated and individual bank positions across all banks and the automatic classification of cash flows.

2. Management reporting

Providing daily and weekly cash flow reporting to executives and other senior stakeholders.

3. Business unit funding

Using the 13 week forecast to ensure all business units are adequately funded and excess cash is put to the best possible use.

4. Debt management

Ensuring cash flow is used to efficiently service debt including minimising debt levels and interest costs.

5. Cash concentration management

Using cash forecasts to plan more confidently and efficiently in order to drive increased cash concentration.

Key benefits of CashAnalytics

  • Daily cash visibility
  • 12 month cash forecast visibility
  • High levels of automation
  • Reliable and robust reporting for decision making
  • Easy to use and operate daily
  • Great support

Would you recommend CashAnalytics?

I can fully recommend CashAnalytics to all companies that want to get an overview of their account balances and implement liquidity planning to make decisions based on it. The usability of CashAnalytics is very high. It is very easy to use and visually very appealing. In addition, the support is always easy to reach and solves problems quickly.

Richard Neumann Head of Corporate Finance
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