Change the Way You Forecast Cash Flow

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Power User

Streamline and automate manual cash forecasting tasks

£ 375
$ 500

Per month, paid annually

For individuals in mid and large sized companies responsible for cash reporting, forecasting, working capital analysis and liquidity planning.

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Power User

  • One Power User
  • One Reporting Entity
  • Two Bank Accounts
  • Two Ledgers (AP & AR)
  • Multi-version Custom Forecast Models
  • Customer Payment Behavior Analysis
  • AP & AR Forecasting
  • Automatic Bank Transaction Mapping
  • Variance Reporting & Accuracy Analysis
  • Multi-currency
  • Standard Onboarding
  • Self Service API


Structured cash forecasting with easy collaboration

£ 825
$ 1,100

Per month, paid annually

For controlling and treasury teams in mid to large sized companies responsible for cash reporting, forecasting, working capital analysis and liquidity planning.

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  • All Power User Features +
  • One Bank Connection
  • Three Power Users (total)
  • Three Reporting Users (total)
  • Six Bank Accounts (total)
  • Consolidation Reporting
  • Reporting Entity Report Drilldown
  • Forecast Submission Tracking
  • User Activity & Workflow Audits
  • Team Onboarding & Training


Enterprise wide actual and forecast cash flow visibility

£ Custom
$ Custom

Price dependent on requirements

For enterprise wide cash forecasting, cash reporting and liquidity planning involving multiple business units, ERP connectivity and bank reporting.

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  • All Power User & Team Features +
  • Multi Power User
  • Multi Reporting Entity
  • Multi Bank Account & Bank Connection
  • Regular & Approver User Types
  • Advanced Security Features (2FA & SSO)
  • Multi-level Org Chart Design
  • Intercompany & Zero Balance Sweep Tracking
  • Advanced Support for all Users
  • Custom Onboarding & ERP Connectivity Plan
  • Dedicated Customer Success Agent

Service Provider

More valuable and efficient client engagements

£ Custom
$ Custom

Price dependent on requirements

For professional services firms, consultants, outsourcing firms and advisors who provide cash management and reporting services to their clients.

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Service Provider

  • All system features
  • Power tool for use within client engagements
  • Improve efficiency and profitability of client engagements
  • Provide a higher value service to clients
  • Drive recurring high margin services
  • Streamline all data capture and client reporting
  • Custom onboarding & Training
  • Dedicated Partner Success Manager

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Frequently Asked Questions

What problems does CashAnalytics solve?

The number one problem CashAnalytics solves is the significant reduction in time and effort spent on manual cash reporting and forecasting tasks. At a baseline CashAnalytics will reduce reporting time frames by 90%.

Some of the manual tasks CashAnalytics automates include:

  • Cash flow data collection from reporting entities and business units
  • Ledger data collection from ERP systems
  • Balance and transaction data collection from banks
  • Data consolidation and reporting
  • Actual versus forecast analysis
  • Currency revaluations
  • Historical trend analysis
  • Forecast creation

With a robust and reliable process in place, CashAnalytics will allow you forecast and manage short term cash flow with the upmost of confidence.

How is CashAnalytics different to other solutions?

CashAnalytics is differentiated from other solutions including treasury management systems, consolidation tool and in-house built solutions in a number of different ways:

  1. Focus – We have a laser like focus on short cash reporting and forecasting. Our solution is continuously evolving in this direction.
  2. Depth of Functionality – In line with our focus, CashAnalytics has a depth of functionality designed to solve the problems experienced by mid and large cap companies when managing and forecasting cash flow.
  3. Ease of Use – The most common feedback we get from prospects and customers is that CashAnalytics is clean and easy to use. We pride ourselves on ease of use and work hard every day to ensure that our users get maximum value from the system.
  4. Speed of Roll-out – Compared to other solutions, CashAnalytics is very fast and painless to roll-out. An individual user can be up and running after one session with our Customer Success team and larger roll-outs can be completed in a matter of weeks.
  5. Cost & ROI – All-in, including set-up and ongoing subscription, CashAnalytics is the most cost effective solution available on the market (including in-house built solutions) guaranteeing a positive ROI within the first six months of use.
  6. Quality of Support – We pride ourselves on the quality of support we provide to clients on an ongoing basis. Our client’ success means everything to us and our Customer Success  teams ensures this happens every day.
  7. Continuous Product Development – CashAnalytics does not stand still. We invest heavily in research and development with the effect that the system is growing and getting better every day.

Can I customize plans?

Yes, all plans can be customized to your specific requirements. This is done by adding the following to base plans.

  • Users
  • Reporting entities
  • Bank accounts
  • Bank connections
  • System/ ERP connections
  • Modules (intercompany, FX, ZBA, loans)

Contact us to get customized pricing quote based on your requirements.

How long is a typical contract?

Our standard contract length is 12 months with a 30 day notice period. However, longer term contracts with multi-year discounts can be provided.

How long does CashAnalytics take long to set-up/ implement?

This depends on the plan and customer requirements however the below is a good guide:

  • Power User Plan – Two web based sessions with customer success over a one week period.
  • Team Plan – Three web based sessions including team training (although this can be managed internally) over a two week period.
  • Enterprise Plan – This does depend on the nature and depth of requirements however we aim to complete all roll-outs within 4-6 weeks.

What ERPs does CashAnalytics connect with?

CashAnalytics can connect with any ERP via its self service API (Application Programming Interface). However the ERPs we have most experience are:

  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • Netsuite
  • Microsoft Dynamics

What ongoing support is provided?

Our Customer Success team provides an exceptionally high level of support to all users of CashAnalytics. This ranges from simple login issues to more complex data mapping and system integration questions.

Do you offer a free trial?

No, we don’t offer a free trial as such however there are number of ways you can see and try the product before you buy, including:

  • Standard demo
  • Customized demo
  • Proof of concept
  • Demo portal access

How do I find out more?

We would be delighted to speak to you at any stage. Click here to find out more information and one of our team members will be in contact shortly.

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