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Cash Flow Forecasting Software

Cash Flow Forecasting Software designed and built for head office finance and treasury teams managing cashflow forecasting processes.

Increase Cash Flow Visibility

CashAnalytics cashflow forecasting software gives you access to all of the data you need for cash forecasting in one place.


It automates the collection of cash flow data from all sources and provides real-time visibility over cash forecasts through a suite of reports, dashboards and analytical tools.

Reduce Cash Forecasting Administration

CashAnalytics eliminates the complexity of managing a cash forecasting process across large multi-entity companies. 

If your current cash management and forecasting processes are dominated by manual tasks that ultimately yield little value, a dedicated cash flow forecasting tool can help change the focus to higher value activities.

Understand Forecasting Accuracy

Understanding and communicating the accuracy of a forecasting process can be difficult.

CashAnalytics provides a range of powerful accuracy reporting and analytic insights ranging from real-time data consolidation to customisable reports and dashboards.

How does CashAnalytics cash flow forecasting software work?

cash flow forecasting software

Entity Forecast Data

Combine automatic data upload with entity controller knowledge and information to populate central forecasting models.

Bank Account Data

CashAnalytics provides real-time bank and liquidity reporting by automatically collecting actual cash flow data from bank accounts. To enable this CashAnalytics interfaces with MT940 and BAI2 files.

ERP Cashflow Data

Leverage data contained in ERP or TMS systems by using integration and transaction mapping, within CashAnalytics.

Full business visibility

As soon as any data is input or edited from one business unit it is instantly reflected in the dashboards and reports of all users, ensuring real-time accuracy.

Improve Cash Forecasting Accuracy

Cash Flow Accuracy
Actual Versus Forecast

Actual versus Forecast Accuracy

Carry out actual versus forecast analysis and drill down to line item and entity level detail. Use system filters to focus on the level of detail that matters to you.

Forecast Versus Forecast

Forecast versus Forecast Accuracy

Quickly understand changes to upcoming cash flow expectations, quickly identify what has changed and for what entities.

Accuracy Communication

Accuracy Communication

Improve the accuracy of your process by quickly identifying the problematic areas of your forecast and communicating this effectively with your organisation.

Trend Analysis

Trend Analysis

Utilise historical cash flow data to help understand trends and sense check existing cash forecasts.


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