Bank Connectivity and Reporting

Connect automatically to your banks through CashAnalytics to gain a single view of all bank accounts balances and transactions.

Automated Bank Reporting

CashAnalytics automates the process of collecting, consolidating and classifying bank account data on a daily basis.

With data flowing in directly from banks, CashAnalytics then provides a single source of all actual cash balance and transaction information, providing clear visibility over current cash positions and recent cash flows.

Intelligent mapping rules automate the classification and categorization of cash flow data every day, ensuring the data is instantly useful for both reporting and forecasting.

Key Features

Direct Bank Connectivity

Connect directly to your banking partners using API and other secure data transfer methods to automate daily cash reporting.

Auto Transaction Classification

Use AI and user defined rules to automatically classify bank transactions into reporting categories on a daily basis.

Real-time Link to Forecast Models

Bank transaction and balance information is linked automatically to forecast models to ensure data is updated in real-time.

Actual v Forecast Analysis

Including actuals in a forecast model in CashAnalytics allows for detailed actual versus forecast analysis on an ongoing basis.

CashAnalytics was a much easier implementation and it was great to be able to import MT940s without having to change anything. With the bank integration and automatic classification, I am 100% confident that the actual cash flows are what happened in the bank.

Ellis Roach Senior Treasury Manager, Stella McCartney

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