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We’re experts in the areas of cash and working capital forecasting and analysis. We regularly publish articles and whitepapers that share our experience in these areas. Feel free to download them below.

Building the business case for better cash flow forecasting

Visibility over current and future cash flow is a must have for most businesses. Understanding how much cash a business has, what it owes and what it owed and how much cash it may need in the future is essential for a broad range of operational and strategic tasks. This guide will help you build a winning business case.

cash flow forecasting

Data-driven Cash Forecasting Guide

A data-driven approach will transform the way you forecast and manage cash flow. “All You Need to Know About Data-Driven Cash Forecasting to Get Started” takes a deep dive into what data-driven cash forecasts are, what data sources they pull from, which forecasting techniques there are to choose from, and more.


13-week cash flow forecast setup guide

This guide takes an in-depth look at how companies use a 13-week cash flow forecast and offers practical advice on how to achieve a best practice process.

13 week cash flow forecasting

Practical guide to bank reporting connectivity

To help those looking to improve their cash flow visibility, we have created this guide which outlines what bank reporting connectivity is, how it works, and how it can benefit treasury and finance teams.

Bank reporting connectivity