Short term AR and AP forecasting

CashAnalytics offers streamlined approach to short-term AP and AR forecasting, providing organizations with precise insights for effective cash flow management.

Forecasting short term cash flow collections from customers and payments to suppliers can be the most challenging part of a cash forecasting process. CashAnalytics connects directly to your ERP system to capture your outstanding AP and AR invoices and unwinds these automatically over the short end of your cash flow forecast in your forecast model.

CashAnalytics unwinds your ledger and creates your forecast in a number of different ways, all fully under your control. You can simply use the expected payment date of the invoice per the terms or set-up rules to add or subtract days down to a customer and supplier level of detail.

Using more intelligent methods, the system learns the payment behavior of your customers based on historical payment data, it then uses this to build Customer Payment Profiles which reflect the latest trend in the payment behavior of each of your customers. This in turn is used to create the forecast which always uses the most up to date data available.

Key Benefits

Highly automated and intelligent short term cash flow forecasts

Details customer payment profiling

Use multiple unwind methods

Drill down to transaction level detail through the forecast model cells

The system can learn how your clients are paying and look at historic[al] patterns. You can understand how our customers pay, something that adds value not only from a forecasting perspective but broader cash management and working capital processes.

Eveline Stam Group Treasurer

Reduce your manual effort by up to 90%

Get rid of your spreadsheets and manage your cash flow easily in one place.