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Cash Flow Forecasting Tool

Cash Flow Forecasting Tool that improves the quality and accuracy of cash and liquidity forecasts for large, multinational companies.

Improve Cash Forecast Accuracy

CashAnalytics flagship software is a powerful cash flow forecasting tool that improves the accuracy of cash forecasts.


Forecast versus forecast and forecast versus actual analysis can be performed with ease, enabling discrepancies to be identified and adjustments made, thereby increasing accuracy.

Decrease Cash Forecasting Administration

CashAnalytics removes the burden of administration from the cash forecasting processes, freeing up time to focus on higher value analytics.


Manual spreadsheet administration is an arduous and time consuming element of many traditional cash forecasting processes. CashAnalytics automates the collection of data from a variety of sources, enabling touch-of-a-button reporting and forecasting.

Increase Cashflow Visibility and Understanding

CashAnalytics cash flow forecasting tool provides customisable reports to increase the visibility of current and forecast positions.


The increased visibility over group wide cash flows and future cash requirements helps to reduce risk and avoid liquidity issues.

How does CashAnalytics forecasting tool work?

CashAnalytics cash flow forecasting

Collating Input Data

CashAnayltics works by collating input data from a wide variety of sources, processing them, and reworking the data into easy to understand dashboards, status reports and forecasts.

Automated Cash Reporting

Input data from ERP systems, bank account statements, transaction data, as well as input data from other business units is automated, enabling push of a button visibility of current and forecast positions.

Dashboards for Key Metrics

Snapshot dashboards that present key metrics to all users improve the visibility of group wide cash flows.

Multi-currency consolidation

Multi-currency consolidation and analysis enables users to quickly understand cash requirements and risks across the entire business.

Advantages of a dedicated cash flow forecasting tool

Forecast Tool Advantages
time saving forecasting tool


Significantly reduce manual spreadsheet administration to enable you and your treasury team to focus solely on higher value activities.

Confident Cash Flow Decisions


Make confident cash management decisions supported by a robust forecasting process with accountability at its core.

Cash Flow Visibility


Gain quick visibility over group wide cash flows and future cash requirements through an easy to use suite of reports and dashboards.

Cash Flow Forecast Performance


Critically assess, and thereby improve, forecast performance through actual versus forecast analysis.


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