Cash Forecasting Software Built for Finance and Treasury Professionals

CashAnalytics is a cloud based cash reporting platform that provides a complete view of your company's current and future cash flow by simplifying and automating the process of cash forecasting and liquidity planning.

Bank Account Data

CashAnalytics connects directly to your banking partners to automate the collection of bank account transaction and balance data on a daily basis.

ERP Ledger

CashAnalytics integrates with all major ERP systems to streamline the capture of invoice and payment data used to create short term forecasts.

Load long term budgets and business plans into CashAnalytics and combine with cash flow drivers to provide a reliable baseline for your mid to long term cash flow forecasts.

CashAnalytics can connect to a broad range of data sources to ensure that your forecasts and cash flow reports always contain the most relevant and up to date cash flow data.

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Daily Bank Visibility

Remove the need to log-in to multiple banking portals and manually consolidate balance data by gaining a single up to date view of cash across all bank accounts and banking partners through CashAnalytics.

Rolling Cash Forecasts

Create and manage multi-period cash flow forecast models that dynamically update with your latest cash flow and ledger data. Automate all of the manual processes associated with cash flow forecasts and achieve end-to-end cash flow visibility.

AP & AR Ledger Unwind

Automate the unwind of AP and AR ledgers to gain a detailed understanding of the drivers of short term cash flow down to a customer, supplier and invoice level of detail.

Customer Collection Forecasting

Use machine learning to analyse customer payment behavior on a continuous basis which in turn drives constant improvements in forecast accuracy.

Accuracy & Variance Analysis

Quickly answer questions and drive improvements in forecast accuracy by carrying out detailed variance analysis across all aspects of your forecasts down to a line item, business unit and transaction level of detail.

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Ready to transform how you forecast Cash Flow?

  • Remove all manual work from your cash forecasting process
  • Dedicate more time to data analysis, not data administration
  • Understand customer payment behavior and what’s really driving cash
  • Feel confident delivering reliable data to management and investors
  • Collaborate more easily with teams and people when cash flow planning

End-to-end Cash Forecasting Automation

We take the pain out of cash forecasting and liquidity planning by using Robotic Process Automation, streamlining manual and repetitive tasks across the full cash forecasting life cycle through automated workflows.

  • Data capture from ERP systems and banks
  • Transaction classification and mapping
  • AP and AR forecasting
  • Variance analysis
End-to-end Cash Forecasting Automation

In-depth Cash and Liquidity Visibility

CashAnalytics gives you access to reliable cash flow data through a single intuitive solution, so you can plan your future cash and liquidity needs with confidence.

  • Bank and ledger current day cash visibility
  • Multi-period cash flow and balance forecasting
  • Detailed invoice/ transaction level drilldown
  • In-depth variance and accuracy analysis
In-depth Cash and Liquidity Visibility

CashAnalytics is of great importance to our company. It’s an effective yet simple solution that’s easy to use, with high quality support from the CashAnalytics team.

Paul Brigton Head of Treasury

Senior management’s faith in our forecasts is now at an all-time high, and we’re using what we’re seeing as a basis for significant decision making for the future.

Patrick Clarke Group Treasurer

Fast and Easy Integrations

CashAnalytics easily integrates with leading ERP systems, banks and other internal systems making integration speedy and painless.

Fast and Easy Integrations

Streamlined Collaboration and Communication

One simple platform for collaboration, data sharing and analysis for centralised and decentralised teams. This way you get the input from the people that matter and keep everyone engaged with the key elements of your cash forecasting and liquidity planning processes.

  • Easy to use web based interface
  • Quick roll out to multiple people and teams
  • Secure and intuitive workflows
  • A single version of the truth

What working with CashAnalytics looks like



Complex spreadsheets & systems for cash forecasting and reporting

One single place to manage and analyse all your cash flow data

Difficulty understanding future cash flow and liquidity requirements

A clear picture of future cash flow needs

Manual data capture from ERP systems and Banks

Automated data transfer with live system connections

Most time spent on manual data capture, consolidation and reporting

Less manual, repetitive tasks and more time on data analysis

Inaccurate cash forecasts

Robust, reliable and accurate cash forecasts

Difficulty getting your teams on the same page

Stakeholders involved in cash flow planning stay informed and connected

Experience CashAnalytics forecasting for yourself