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Helping you understand your company's future cash flow and liquidity needs

Intelligent tools for efficient and accurate cash forecasting

Supporting high value cash management activities

Maximise Return

Minimise external funding requirements and make use of the organic cash all while proactively hedging your FX.

Reduce Risk

Avoid shortfalls and accurately predict covenants and key metrics while gaining a clear view over future cash needs.

Streamline Reporting

Accurately report on cash flow for management, executive and external stakeholders and boards.

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Gain a clear understanding of future cash requirements

CashAnalytics is a software tool that automates manual forecasting tasks and provides clear visibility over future cash flows

1Automate Manual Tasks

Automate manual data collection, consolidation and reporting tasks

2Flexible Forecasting

Create forecast reporting models that meet your exact requirements

3Intelligent Insight

See your data in real-time using intelligent reporting and analysis tools

Used by Companies Worldwide

CashAnalytics supports a large number of companies and users across a range of industries, around the world

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