Take the Pain out of Cash Flow Forecasting

CashAnalytics automates manual cash forecasting and cash reporting tasks, giving you a single source of reliable cash flow data with a fraction of the effort.

Replace your monster cash flow spreadsheets with an automated software solution.

Are you spending hours a week managing and updating a 10+ tab spreadsheet to monitor and forecast cash flow? CashAnalytics takes all of this manual work off the table by connecting directly to your ERPs and banks, automating the majority of your cash reporting and forecasting process.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Automated cash flow forecasting allows you to confidently plan for what’s ahead with less work.

Bank Connectivity

Connect to your banks to see all of your cash and every account across the group in one place.

AP & AR Analytics

Gain deep insight into what's driving short term cash flow with in-depth AP and AR analytics.

Cash forecasting is now exciting

“The biggest challenge that we wanted to address was the time spent on tedious tasks. We wanted to find a tool that makes the entire process a lot easier. If you want to have a happy team, reliable data and to ensure that it’s coming through timelessly as well, then I’d definitely recommend CashAnalytics.”

Pieter Cronje, Head of Cash and Liquidity Forecasting at TreasuryONE.

Clear & Reliable Cash Flow Visibility

All the cash flow information, data and insights you need will be available in one place, allowing you to focus on analysis not administration.

Advanced Automation & Control

ERP, bank connectivity, and intuitive workflows will give you high levels of automation and control meaning you'll be able to manage your cash flow with confidence.

Play a strategic role in your company's growth

Quickly answer cash flow and liquidity questions from executives and investors and play a key role in strategic decisions.

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Seamless integration with your EPR for automated AP and AR data capture

Connect your ERP directly to CashAnalytics to automate short term forecasting, enrich your reporting with up to date AP and AR data and get a deep insight into the payment behavior of your customers.

Don’t take our word for it, take a look with a personal demo

Book a demo to talk to a product expert and see how CashAnalytics could transform the way you forecast and manage cash flow.