Intelligent Cash Flow Forecasting & Analysis

CashAnalytics is a cash forecasting and liquidity planning software solution that gives CFOs, treasurers and controllers clear visibility over current and future cash and liquidity across all aspects of their business.

By automating manual cash forecasting tasks and processes, the metrics and data needed to safely and efficiently manage future cash flow are available to all stakeholders at the touch of a button.

Intelligent Cash Flow Forecasting & Analysis

A Single Source of Cash Forecast and Liquidity Data

CashAnalytics gives mid to large companies access to all of their cash forecast, bank account and liquidity data at the touch of a button through a single cloud based solution.

Automated Cash Forecasting and Cash Reporting

Automate manual cash forecasting and liquidity planning tasks such as the creation of forecasts, collection of bank account data and reporting of cash flow across an organisation.

Avoid Cash and Liquidity Surprises

With reliable touch-of-a button visibility over future cash flow, finance and treasury teams can clearly understand upcoming cash and liquidity shocks and surprises.

A Feature-rich Cash Forecasting and Liquidity Reporting Platform

CashAnalytics is a cloud based cash forecasting and bank reporting software solution designed for mid to large-sized companies.

The platform provides end-to-end visibility over company-wide current and forecast cash flow. This allows finance and treasury teams to access the data they need to efficiently manage the liquidity needs of their entire business through a single solution.

Highly configurable and easy to use, CashAnalytics quickly automates manual cash reporting and forecasting tasks while allowing detailed analysis of current and future cash flow.

Cash Flow Data
Cash Forecast Models
Detailed Variance & Scenario Analysis
Monitor Critical Cash Flow Metrics
Enterprise-wide Cash Forecasting
Cash Flow Data Sources

End-to-End Cash and Liquidity Reporting

CashAnalytics provides visibility over the full spectrum of cash flow from historic and current day actual reporting and all the way through to short and mid-term cash and liquidity forecasts.

Historic & Current Day Cash Reporting

Direct bank connectivity automates the reporting of daily cash positions and the classification of cash flows with direct links to cash forecast models. Detailed trend analysis is easy with ready access to historic data.

Short-Term Cash Flow Forecasting

Capture AP and AR data directly from ERP systems and apply intelligent business rules to automate the creation of 0 to 60-day forecasts across the entire business.

Mid to Long-Term Cash Flow Forecasting

Extend forecasts on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to any future time period. Use DSO and DPO cash flow drivers to quickly transform budgets and business forecasts into cash forecasts.

A Single Consolidated View of Cash Flow & Liquidity

CashAnalytics seamlessly brings all sources of cash flow and types of cash forecast together into a single consolidated view.

Trusted by Large Companies Globally

CashAnalytics supports a large number of companies and users across a range of industries, around the world. A selection of these are featured below:

Our Expertise

We are experts in the area of corporate cash forecasting and management having helped 100's of companies gain automated visibility over their cash flow.

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