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Why use CashAnalytics?

CashAnalytics is a cashflow forecasting system used to support a range of critical business processes and reporting tasks

Maximise Opportunities

Reduce interest costs, make better use of organic cash and efficiently allocate for capital with more reliable cash forecasts.

Reduce Risk

Gain a clear view of your cash needs, accurately predict covenants and avoid shortfalls and surprises.

Critical Reporting

Strategically plan for budgets and multi year plans with reports from management, boards and external stakeholders.

Decision Making Reporting

Maximise Opportunities

FX Hedging

Make longer term hedging decisions and take advantage of favorable market movements with more reliable visibility over future FX exposures.

Reduce Interest Costs

Accurate and reliable cash forecasts allow for more efficient management of credit facilities which reduces interest costs.

Utilise Organic Cash

With clearer visibility over future cash generation, organic cash flow can be more efficiently deployed within the business.

Capital Planning

The allocation of long term capital resources becomes easier and more efficient with a deeper understanding of future cash flows and requirements.

Reduce Risk

Gain Future Cash Certainty

Gain certainty over future cash flow and funding requirements across every business segment, unit and geography.

Reduce Covenant Risk

Manage covenant reporting with greater certainty using highly reliable cash forecast data.

Avoid shortfalls and surprises

Avoid cash shortfalls and surprises by gaining clear and reliable visibility over forecast cash flows and positions.

Reduce Risk

Critical Reporting

Strategic Planning

Reliable business cash forecasts play a critical role in strategic longer term planning processes and decisions.

Management Reporting

Both short and longer term cashflow forecasts form a central part of weekly and monthly management reporting processes.

Board Reporting

Executive committees and supervisor boards require cash forecasts to understand the future capital needs of a business.

Investor Reporting

Privately held businesses are in many cases compelled to provide cash forecasts to investors on a regular basis.


CashAnalytics Features

CashAnalytics is designed to automate manual tasks and provide real-time cashflow analytics.