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What is CashAnalytics?

CashAnalytics is a specialised cash and liquidity forecasting tool designed for treasury and finance teams in large companies.

1Automated Processes

Automate the collection and consolidation of actual and forecast cash flows from all sources.

2Flexible Forecasting

Create highly configurable and centrally controlled cash forecasting models.

3Intelligent Insight

Gain a real-time understanding of future cash needs using a range of analysis tools.

Automated Cash Data Collection

CashAnalytics allows you to automate the collection of cash flow and forecast data from every source within your organisation.

Human Input

Capture information directly from people within your company using customisable reporting templates that are accessed via a simple and intuitive web page interface.

Other Systems

Automatically collect cash flow data from internal and external sources such as ERP systems, accounting systems and electronic statements sourced from banks.

Flexible Forecasting and Reporting

Create centrally controlled cash forecasting and reporting models that are flexible enough to meet both the current and future needs of your business.

Highly Configurable

CashAnalytics is a highly configurable yet specialised tool designed to meet the needs of even the most complex organisation. Forecasting models and structures can be quickly and easily updated as the business grows and changes.

Intelligent Insight

Gain a deep understanding of your company's future cash needs using a a range of real-time reporting tools.


Visibility over current cash positions and historical cash flows is the first step in successful cash forecasting.


Clearly understand the key drivers of cash flow and the future cash and funding requirements of your business.


Continuously measure and monitor the accuracy of forecasts to facilitate continuous improvements in forecasts quality.


Gain a clear understanding of the timing of key recurring and non-recurring cash flows across all areas of your business.


Why use CashAnalytics?

CashAnalytics is a cashflow forecasting system used to support a range of critical business processes and reporting tasks