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Getting up and running on CashAnalytics is quick and easy

Our thorough yet efficient set up process means impact on a client’s day-to-day operations is kept to a minimum. A five-step project plan enables quick and easy rollout in six weeks.

After set-up we stay with you to offer continuous support and business partnering to help you get the best out of CashAnalytics.

Six week rollout

Easy to set up use and mantain

Comprehensive Project Management

All companies are assigned a dedicated senior project manager before the rollout project begins.

The project manager will work directly with the company to clarify their exact requirements and agree a plan for the set-up and rollout of CashAnalytics.

The roll-out project is designed to cause minimal disruption to the day-to-day operations of the organisation.

Throughout the short project, scheduled communication ensures that all system users, and all who will input to or benefit from the system, know what to expect and are continuously updated on the status of the project.

Continuous support and business partnering

A high level of on-going support is a key component of the overall CashAnalytics service.

Phone and email support are available to all users to provide day-to-day help and assistance when required.

For more basic operations, such as passwords resets and unlocking accounts, users have the option of self-serving to ensure instant access.

In addition, extended support is provided through the rollout phase and support documentation is available for all system users.

Ease of use and maintenance

Once you’re up and running, you’ll see how easy and intuitive our software is to use.

We know how busy corporate treasury and finance environments are, so we make sure that when you log in, you can find everything you’re looking for quickly and easily.

A dashboard opens on login, to show users all key cash flow KPIs and present the most important information front and centre.

The user interface enables easy data interrogation, so you can edit, model, and visualise your data to get the insights you need quickly.