Automated Forecasts: Take a quick tour to see how your team can create more reliable forecasts in less time. Automated Forecasts: Take a quick tour to see how your team can create more reliable forecasts in less time. Learn more

How many more insights could you uncover with advanced analytics?

The real strategic value of the cash forecasting process is found in the insights uncovered.

CashAnalytics offers a suite of sophisticated advanced analytics and data visualisation tools to help you uncover the insights that add real value.

Accuracy and Variance Analysis

Accuracy and variance analysis are often the missing pieces from cash forecasting processes.

With CashAnalytics, this analysis can be performed quickly and easily, allowing you to identify the causes of inaccuracy, and update the process accordingly.

By enabling a user to quickly to drill down to line item detail, the specifics of any issues can be easily identified and examined.

Dashboards & Visual Analytics

When a user logs in to CashAnalytics, they are presented with a dashboard showing the key cashflow KPIs instantly.

In addition to the graphical views on the dashboard, further visual analytics make the data easy to access and digest.

Using data visualisations helps to highlight trends, identify anomalies, and uncover insights that are likely to be missed when simply reading through raw data.

Consolidation Reporting

With numerous bank accounts in a range of locations getting a live view of current cash balances used to be nearly impossible.

CashAnalytics has live feeds so you can see consolidated live cash figures from all bank accounts, across all business units.

Consolidation reporting, encompassing a huge range of data and dimensions, is therefore instant and effortless.

Scenario analysis

CashAnalytics enables quick comparison of multiple forecast versions against a range of scenarios.

When these scenarios are analysed, the user can identify which levers have the greatest impact on cashflows, and can therefore understand where to focus their efforts.

By understanding the impact of varying scenarios on cash levels, the treasury or finance team can therefore adapt their approach and work to prevent liquidity shortfalls.