How much time would you save if your forecasting processes were automated?

You already know the value of cash forecasting. What you might not know is that you could simultaneously produce them faster, easier, and more accurately.

Customisable models that pull data from any source

The best cash forecasting processes are designed so that they meet not just the current needs of the business, but are also adaptable for future requirements.

Customisable forecasting models are a key component of a flexible forecasting process, and being able to automate the input data from any potential source only adds to the potential for adaptability.

From a business perspective, this also means that questions fired at the treasury team by a CFO who needs answers immediately, can be responded to quickly, easily, and thoroughly.

Cash Forecast Models

Capture ERP and bank transaction data

Cash forecasting entails pulling data from a wide variety of sources. However, in our experience there are two key sources from which the bulk of forecasting data is sourced.

CashAnalytics can link directly to ERP systems via an API (application programming interface) enabling instant and automatic extraction of relevant data, directly from the system.

Bank connectivity is a key part of CashAnalytics. Using intelligent transaction mapping, the system pulls key data directly from bank statements and other transaction data.

Touch of a button consolidation and reporting

Because CashAnalytics is a fully automated software solution which pulls data instantly from all sources, all data analysis can be performed at the touch of a button.

For example, data on dashboards is rolled up into headline KPIs ready to report to the CFO at any point, and drill down is also instantly available, right down to line item granularity.

Live consolidated cash balances from across the business are viewable at all times. Regardless of how many bank accounts feed into the process, you’ll be able to view headline liquidity levels across all business units.

Simple for users and controllers

As treasurers and finance professionals know, cash forecasting and reporting data doesn’t just come from systems, it also requires a range of human input from people across the business.

CashAnalytics facilitates easy data capture from people in various departments, in various business units, from various locations around the world.

In additional to the quantitative data being loaded into the forecasting model automatically, qualitative data inputs to the forecasting process are also enabled, ensuring outputs of the highest accuracy.