The Complete Cash Forecasting and Liquidity Planning Solution

CashAnalytics is a comprehensive software solution used by multinational organizations to manage all their cash forecasting, reporting and liquidity planning on a single platform.

Automate manual forecasting and reporting tasks for a real-time view of your cash and liquidity data.

Forecast Automation

CashAnatyics can automate 90% of the repetitive and unreliable manual workload required to produce your cash forecast.

All the latest cash flow data from across your business will be automatically collected, categorized and fed into your forecast model.

• Creates centralized and flexible cash reporting models

• Connects to data sources and automates forecast updates

• Quickly translates budgets into forecasts

• Easy user input via customizable submission templates

Multi-Location Forecasting

If your head office treasury or finance team is leading a multi-location cash forecast, CashAnalytics will equip them with the visibility and control required to manage every aspect of the process.

• Color-coded forecast submission status view

• Audit updates by user and transaction number

• Create user access and permission rules

• Automate submission notification emails

Bank Connectivity and Reporting

CashAnalytics will connect directly to all your company’s bank accounts and provide you with live feeds of consolidated and individual cash positions.
Bank connectivity also enables automated daily cash and liquidity reports and the automatic classification of transactions.

• Real-time view of consolidated cash positions

• Automated daily cash and liquidity reports

• Machine Learning feature classifies cash flows

• Classified transactions fed directly into forecast

Reporting and Analysis

The CashAnalytics dashboards and visualization tools will help you to better monitor, analyze and visualize your data.
Make sharper, more informed business decisions by first checking your real-time cash flows and KPIs.

• Automatic generation of detailed cash flow reports

• On-demand custom report creation

• In-depth accuracy, variance and trend analysis

• Intuitive suite of analytical and visualization tools

ERP and System Connectivity

CashAnalytics will connect to the ERP and other systems in your business to automate the collection and categorization of cash flow data, then load it directly into your forecast.

• Direct ERP connectivity

• Connects to TMS, booking and accounting systems

• Automates collection and categorization of cash flow data

• Integration options include API, host-to-host, and SFTP