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Launch of CashAnalytics Working Capital Monitor

Posted by Conor Deegan February 20, 2018

We’re delighted to launch the CashAnalytics Working Capital Monitor which is an openly available resource on our website tracking the headline working capital KPIs for the world’s largest companies and most working capital-intensive industries.

The Working Capital Monitor Includes:

  • Working Capital KPIs for 350+ companies
  • Consolidated data for 50+ industries
  • DPO, DSO, DIO and CC tracked for all companies and industries
  • 10 years of data for all four KPIs

Our motivation behind developing and launching the Working Capital Monitor is to highlight working capital trends across a broad range of industries so that all companies can better plan for the future.

The world of cash and working capital management is highly interconnected and the actions of one company can directly impact the cash flow of a broad number of suppliers and customers. This in turn causes these companies them to adjust their future cash flow expectations and behaviour.

The Working Capital Monitor will be updated on a monthly basis with annual results release by companies in the monitor, released in the previous.

We hope you find it useful and welcome all feedback. Click here to access the monitor.