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Implement a tried and trusted cashflow forecasting method that has minimal impact on day-to-day operations

Planning & Scoping

Setup & Configuration

Roll-Out & Training

On-going Support

Planning & Scoping

  • Work with a dedicated project manager
  • Clarify exact requirements
  • Agree set-up and roll-out plan
  • Set-up and roll-out within 4 weeks

All companies are assigned a dedicated project manager when they start to use CashAnalytics.

The project manager will work directly with the company to clarify their exact requirements and agree a plan for the set-up and roll-out of CashAnalytics.

The roll-out project is designed to have minimal impact on the day-to-day operations of the organisation.

Setup & Configuration

  • Initiate dedicated company CashAnalytics portal
  • Implement initial reporting structures
  • Administrator training
  • Administrator review

Every company using CashAnalytics gets a dedicated company portal to which all of their users are given access.

The project manager will assist with the set-up of the initial reporting structures while training head office and administrator users in parallel.

The initial reporting structures and workflows are then reviewed by the head office team ahead of roll-out to business unit and international users.

Roll-Out & Training

  • Identify in-scope personnel
  • Arrange web based training
  • Transition forecasting process to CashAnalytics

CashAnalytics is designed to be easy to use and fast to roll-out to business unit and other users within a company.

Approximately 20 minutes web based training is required per user or one hour for a group of users.

At the end of the training all the existing reporting processes will then flow through CashAnalytics.

On-going Support

  • Phone and email support for all users
  • Extended support for roll-out
  • Support documentation available for each user

A high level of on-going support is a key component of the overall CashAnalytics service.

Users can self service most of their own requirements such as passwords resets and unlocking accounts.

Phone and email support is provided to all users to provide day-to-day help and assistance when required.

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