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CashAnalytics Features

CashAnalytics is designed to automate manual tasks and provide real-time cashflow analytics.

Automation and Time Saving Features

Automate manual cash forecast and cash flow reporting tasks through a dedicated cloud based solution.


Quickly and easily consolidate and revalue large amounts of cash flow data using a suite of customisable tools and reports.


Automatically populate central forecast models by interfacing with all sources of cash flow data including ERP systems and bank platforms.


Ensure that the reporting of intercompany cash flows always net to zero using dedicated counterparty driven intercompany tool.


Users can create forecasting models and reporting structures that have the flexibility to meet both current and future business needs.


All user activity is channelled through intuitive data submission and reporting workflows designed to complete tasks in the most efficient way possible.

Ease of Use

Everything in CashAnalytics is designed with the end user in mind. All parts of the system are easy to use and minimal training is required.

Reporting and Analytics Features

Gain real-time visibility over cashflow analytics through a range of reports and dashboards.


Visibility over current and historical cash flows and balances is provided through a dedicated reporting module.


Develop an in-depth understanding of the cash flows requirements across all business areas down to the lowest level of available detail.


Continuously monitor and measure the accuracy of forecasts across all areas of a forecast with drill down to business unit and line item detail.

Trend Analysis

Quickly analyse and understand historical cash flow trends when creating and sense checking business cash forecasts.


All cash flow and forecast data is accessible an exportable in real-time through a range of customisable reports and dashboards.

FX Analysis

Capture cash flow detail and create cash forecasts on a per currency basis to facilitate and in-depth understanding of FX exposures.


How to get started

Implement a tried and trusted cashflow forecasting method that has minimal impact on day-to-day operations