Cash Flow Forecasting Workshop – Finanzsymposium

Martin Gillespie - June 18, 2015

Last week in Mannheim at the Finanzsymposium we delivered workshops specifically for companies who operate in a multi location environment and are either starting or running a cash forecasting process.

The workshops were well attended and we had some very interesting feedback and debate among the participants. I hope people left with a sense that cash flow forecasting and liquidity planning need not be the arduous task that it sometimes turns into to.

Thank you to everyone who attended, you made the sessions very enjoyable for us. The Rosengarten is a wonderful venue and we look forward to returning next year.

The presentation includes:

– Building a business case for cash forecasting
– Driving a forecasting success loop
– How technology can help the forecasting process
– Must have reporting for cash forecasting

You can view the slide deck below: